Can’t Afford the New iPad? No Problem

Get the Poor Man’s iPad, it’s almost just as great

It’s not a problem if you can’t afford the new iPad. Really. By today’s standards, even the first-generation Apple tablet is expensive for most people.

But you still have an alternative - the Poor Man’s iPad!

In fact, a traditional pen-and-paper solution is all you need to make reminders, send messages (via paper plane), and stay in sync (stick multiple identical notes everywhere you go).

Unlike the real iPad, the notePad actually gets lighter the more you use it. It’s not touch-sensitive, but it is sensitive to touch (as in, it bends when you touch it).

Retina display? Puh-lease. The iPad 3 still has to use a pixel matrix to relay images. The Poor Man’s iPad relies on your own retina to convey data to your brain.

Rounding up the list of features is the highly intuitive interface which greets you with the same blank sheet every time, allowing you to create your own UI as you go.

The benefits are endless, and for only $4.99 (pen not included), you’ll be able to wave it around, scuffing your feet boyishly as you walk past that long line of fanboys queuing up at your local Apple store waiting for the doors to open to buy the $499 iPad 3.

Jokes aside (just to make sure no one actually interprets this product as an alternative to the real iPad), we would like to stress that the notePad is a product made for laughs. The official description can be found below.

“Want to own an iPad but don’t have the cash to purchase one? Now you can be the proud owner of the original iPad – the notePad! This poor man’s iPad sports a minimalistic design with intuitive user controls and uses paper thin materials for extreme light weight mobility.”

You can buy it here.

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