"Campfire: Become Your Nightmare" Slasher Game

Try playing on the dark side, for a change

Rights over the mobile game "Campfire: Become Your Nightmare" have been sold over to Nordic VFX Company AB. The game's concept will be used as the starting point for an improved adaptation of it.

Campfire: Become Your Nightmare has been presented as a "reverse survival horror" game. In the fight between good and evil, the player now takes the dark side and puts himself in the shoes of a serial killer. He scares and stalks people, causing chaos and mass destruction on the camping grounds, looking to finally kill the victims. The game follows the line of the old slasher movies and makes it possible for the player to choose from a wide range of different killers to impersonate.

"With the online capabilities, video HD support and next generation processing power, Campfire can finally become the extraordinary gaming experience we all envisioned back in 2003. We are very eager to start pre-production and re-establish discussions with the leading publishers in the industry. Campfire is a unique and exciting concept and we look forward to releasing the game for the leading platforms in time for Halloween 2009", considers Per von Koch, lead game designer at Nordic VFX Company.

"We have worked with Nordic VFX on a number of projects and we know their vision for Campfire is very much in line with what we want to achieve. They will develop a great game and there is no question there is a demand for it, looking at all the inquiries we receive from dedicated fans", says Thomas Lindgren, CEO and founder of Gamefederation.

Gamefederation is one of the leading providers of wireless entertainment solutions and owner from now of all rights for the mobile game's development. As a result of their collaboration with Nordic VFX, the game will benefit from improved solutions for reaching top potential.

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