Campers Light Fire with Homemade Bazooka – Video

Party-goers fire a large bazooka at a wood tipi, in the woods

A group of partiers prepare for a bonfire, in this viral clip. As they have their wood tipi prepared, they gather around the tipi, joking and laughing, and figure out all they need is one unconventional and extremely dangerous way to light said fire.

One of them pulls out a “homemade” bazooka, firing what looks like a large firecracker in the direction of the wood set up for the bonfire.

The result is spectacular, and extremely loud. It has the visual and audio effect of an explosion, and proves efficient in lighting the bonfire.

The video, that shows users how never to light a bonfire in the wilderness, if they don't want to set the entire forest on fire, has received more than 70,000 views on YouTube, since it was posted, two days ago.

Please note that user discretion is recommended, as the video contains language that may be offensive.

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