Cameroon's Army Is Sent to Defend the Borders, Keep Poachers at Bay

The country's high official wish to avoid another “elephant massacre”

Recent news from Cameroon informs us that the country's high officials have decided that, in order to make sure Sudanese poachers are kept at bay, it would be best to mobilize the army and send them to defend the nation's borders.

The World Wildlife Fund says that, as far as conservation efforts in this part of the world are concerned, this operation is a first of its kind.

More precisely, said green-oriented organization is pleased to hear that Cameroon's government has finally agreed to act on the idea that poaching activities carried out within this country's territory are more than just a threat to several endangered species.

Thus, they negatively impact on Cameroon's sovereignty, security and economic prospects.

“We are committed to avoid a repeat of the elephant massacre of early 2012 [when roughly 300 elephants were slaughtered in the Bouba N’Djida National Park]. We are already on the ground, we know the poachers are coming, and we have forces deployed in the reserves,” a member of the country's Rapid Intervention Battalion said.

Furthermore, “It is highly unfortunate that the military had to be called in to address this situation, but the reality is that we are dealing with well-armed and highly trained individuals, who do not hesitate to terrorize local populations to achieve their aims.”

The World Wildlife Fund explains that, although no official census has been carried out, several estimates show that, between 1995 and 2007, poachers killed about 50% of the elephants living in Cameroon.

Needless to say, poachers are still wreaking havoc on the country's biodiversity, and immediate measures must be taken in order to make sure these wildlife crimes are put an end to.

The news about Cameroon's deciding to send its army to fight poachers comes shortly after authorities in Hong Kong and Tanzania confiscated a total of 1423 elephant tusks which were destined for the black market.

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