Camera and Choice Lead Epic Mickey 2 Improvements

Gamers also get cooperative actions and improved visuals

Warren Spector, the leading developer behind Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, believes that even those players who skipped the first title in the series should play the sequel because it uses two-player cooperative play to deliver an entirely new game experience.

The developer tells the official PlayStation Blog that, “we’ve added a little thing called two-player co-op. Now, one player takes the role of Mickey, with Oswald as an AI-controlled character, but at any point, a second player can sit down next to you and play as Oswald. It’s all about the Power of Two!”

Another big innovation that will attract gamers is the fact that all characters are fully voiced and some of the Disney favorites even sing during the game.

There are also major changes made to the Epic Mickey 2 camera system, which is now better at tracking the player no matter how he moves in the game environments.

Spector adds, “And when I say really hard I mean really hard!. I think we did a better job of player direction – knowing where to go and what to do. Games should be about how to do stuff, not figuring out what stuff to do!”

The PlayStation 3 version of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two also includes support for motion tracking via the PlayStation Move peripheral.

The game from Junction Point will see gamers once again take control of Mickey as he joins forces with Oswald the Rabbit, his former nemesis, in order to save the Wasteland from the evil machinations of The Mad Doctor.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Will be launched on November 18 in the United States and on November 23 in Europe.

The game can be played on the PS3, the Xbox 360, the PC, the older Wii and newer Wii U.

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