Camel Runs Away from Circus, Escapes to Los Angeles

“Abdullah” the camel moves pretty fast, and attendants have to chase after it

“Abdullah” the camel was caught on tape wondering about a busy street in Los Angeles. It appears to have run away from a circus performing in the area.

During the camel's daily exercise in the circus tent, a wrench was dropped and Abdullah got spooked, the owner at Ramos Bros. Circus tells reporters. It was noticed by Hamed Hamad, who witnessed it sprinting through traffic, while attendants were chasing it.

The video shows how they ran after it, right before it heads for a gas station. They were able to catch up to it, but it only stopped when they lured it with a carrot.

As the ABC News presenter notes, this particular camel is actually quite fast, proving their moving slowly is just a myth. As it's fed, it seems quite calm and used to human company.

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