Cam McDaniel: Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back Takes Viral Photo

Twitter has fallen in love with the Notre Dame player

A Cam McDaniel photo, taken during a game, has turned into a viral phenomenon, inspiring memes and getting thousands of likes as well as many shares online.

McDaniel is now being dubbed the Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back, because nobody takes photos such as this one while playing sports.

McDaniel is a running back for the University of Notre Dame. According to the Huffington Post, this photo was snapped as he was getting out of a dog pile, after being tackled and not wearing a helmet.

Notre Dame were playing their rivals, the University of Southern California, on October 19.

“This pic of Cam McDaniel is like Jesus riding a Harley thru ring of fire [sic],” one Twitter user comments, and I would have to agree.

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