"Calling Tunes" for Calls from Orange

Orange helps you personalize your calls

Mobile network provider Orange has launched a new feature that looks set to take mobile phone personalization to a whole new level. Calling Tunes allows callers to hear a funky musical ringing tone over the top of the usual, while they wait for you to answer.

Best of all, you can set up different Calling Tunes for up to fifteen people on your contacts list. In other words, that could be a blast of Bon Jovi for your best mate, Abba's Dancing Queen for your mum, The Exorcist theme for a call from your boss, that 'special song' for your partner, and chart and dance music for your party friends. Orange customers can order Calling Tunes by visiting the Orange World mobile portal or by calling 477 on any Orange mobile. Calling Tunes costs £2.50 per track, although you can choose one free tune from a special selection to get started. According to Orange, hundreds of music tracks are available to choose from with more added every week ranging from the latest chart hits to film, TV and sports themes. Each category has many tunes to choose from. You can even shuffle your tunes or record your own voice.

The new service can be viewed at www.orange.co.uk/callingtunes/.

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