Calligra Suite 2.6 Officially Announced, Introduces EPUB2 Export Support

A new application, Calligra Author, was added to the suite

Calligra 2.6, an integrated suite of applications for office, creative and management needs, has been released on February 5.

According to the developer, Calligra 2.6 has implemented thousands of commits which provided new features, polishing of the user interaction and bug fixes.

“As usual, Calligra is developing very fast and there are a lot of new features to be announced. This is also the second feature update after the initial release of Calligra in April last year which means that we are approaching some form of maturity.

“The team has used a significant part of the development time to polish away usability problems and visual glitches,” stated the official announcement.

Highlights of Calligra 2.6:

• Calligra Author has been added to the collection. This application will support a writer in the process of creating an eBook from concept to publication. The first version of Calligra Author is very similar to Calligra Words since the new features of Author are also adopted by Words;

• Words, the word processing application improved layout and numerous minor fixes in dialogs and tools, e.g. the spell checking. This update should make Words more pleasant to use for the normal users;

• Sheets, the spreadsheet application, now comes with new function optimizer – also known as a Solver. All standard scripts are available for translation;

• Stage, the presentation program, has a new animation framework that lets the user create and manipulate animations in slideshows;

•Krita, the drawing application, has new support for OpenColorIO, which makes it suitable for use in the movie industry;

• Calligra 2.6 can now export documents to EPUB2 format.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official changelog.

The current version of Calligra also runs on mobile platforms, named: Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active.

Download Calligra 2.6 right now from Softpedia.

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