Call of Duty: Declassified Gets Leaked Trophy List

The game is the first major FPS to arrive on the handheld

The Trophy list for the upcoming Call of Duty: Declassified title for the PlayStation Vita is leaked and available for all those who are interested in the upcoming game.

The Trophies that gamers can earn are:

No More Worlds to Conquer - Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

Can't Beat Fresh Meat - Start Operations mode on any difficulty.

Bang for Your Buck - Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade in any Operation.

Cut and Run - Melee 5 enemies in a row in any Operation.

Headbanger - Perform 10 head shots in a row in any Operation.

Parking Violation - Destroy 20 total cars in Operations mode.

A Need to Bleed - Melee 100 total enemies in Operations mode.

Extreme Prejudice - Kill 10 enemies in less than 5 seconds in any Operation.

Justice Is Blind - Kill 4 enemies who are stunned by a Flashbang Grenade in any Operation.

Stick It to the Man - Kill 5 enemies by sticking Semtex to each one in any Operation.

Bang-up Job - Kill 15 enemies with RPG in ‘Three Point Landing’ Operation.

Conservative Values - Complete ‘Escort Service’ Operation without reloading.

Going Ballistic - Kill 10 enemies with Ballistic Knife melee attack in ‘Rocket's Red Glare’ Operation.

Pure as the Driven Snow - Complete ‘Rocket's Red Glare’ Operation without taking damage.

Not Afraid of the Dark - Complete ‘Active Measures’ Operation without using Night Vision Goggles.

Crack Shot - Perform 10 head shots with the .357 Magnum in ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation.

Double Down - Kill 8 enemies with 4 or fewer bullets in ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation.

Waste Not, Want Not - Complete ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation with 100% accuracy.

The Sky Is Mauling! - Kill 3 enemies with Mortar Strike in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.

World's Best Babysitter - Save all Analysts in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.

Delivery and Takeout - Plant C4 in less than 60 seconds in ‘Self Destructive’ Operation.

Doctorate in Thermodynamics - Kill 2 scientists with a single grenade in ‘Self Destructive’ Operation.

The Sound of One Hand Capping - Complete ‘Got Your Back’ Operation with only a handgun.

Working Vice - Shoot 10 stacks of cocaine in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.

Making a Point - Kill both bosses with head shots in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.

Enthusiasms - Kill Torres with a melee attack in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.

Test the Product - Knife 10 stacks of cocaine in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.

Been Around the Block - Complete all Operations on any difficulty.

Some Quality Time - Complete all Time Trial missions on any difficulty.

Hostile Witness - Survive to wave 13 in Hostiles mode.

Blood and Guts - Earn 3 stars in each Operation.

The Best of Times - Earn 3 stars in each Time Trial mission.

Hostile Work Environment - Earn 3 stars in each Hostiles mission

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