Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s Strike Force RPG Missions Get Detailed

Find out more about these new encounters before the game's launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 developer Treyarch has just detailed the Strike Force missions that will add a role-playing feeling to the first-person shooter, allowing players to make choices that impact the ending of the story.

Black Ops II promises not just to revamp the multiplayer aspect of the Call of Duty series, but also to overhaul the way the story is experienced by players, at least according to the studio’s Director of Communications, John Rafacz, who talked with CVG about the new title.

“In single player you have innovations like the Strike Force levels. For the first time in a single player campaign you're entering into a sandbox environment that how the ending of your story changes. In a Strike Force level you can fail,” he said.

“Within multiplayer there's a reimagined create-a-class that allows you to forgo some types of content to build a class that's most valuable to your style of gameplay. And then there are zombies!”

Besides engaging in regular battles, the new game will have special levels called Strike Force that will require players to make certain choices and can even be failed.

“At a couple of points throughout the campaign, the head of Special Ops will come to you and explain that there's this flashpoint and that your services are requested. No matter who or what you play as, you'll set waypoints and issue commands in order to achieve objectives. There's definitely a tactical element to it. Also, if you play through the game and succeed at all of your Strike Force levels the geopolitical fiction that wraps the ending of your game will be different,” Rafacz added.

While these Strike Force missions may not seem like much for players who are familiar with role-playing games, they’ll certainly surprise a lot of hardcore shooter enthusiasts.

What do you think about this RPG element in Black Ops 2? Will it succeed in getting people to experience the single-player campaign multiple times?

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