Call Off the Wedding and I’ll Publish Your Private Photos Online – Infographic

McAfee has released a study about the risks posed by a failed relationship

Security firm McAfee has published a study called “Love, Relationships, and Technology: When Private Data Gets Stuck in the Middle of a Breakup.” The company highlights that chances are high that your ex will publish your private data in case something “goes wrong.”

The study has found that 50% of people send and share their personal or intimate photos and videos with their partner and friends. Men tend to share more than women.

32% of participants have revealed that they’ve asked their ex to delete intimate photos or messages and 28% have lived to regret sending private content to their partners.

So what are the most punished sins?

45% of those questioned said they would expose their partner’s personal data if he/she were caught lying. 40% of them would take action in case of cheating, and 26% would do so in case of a breakup.

If you call off your wedding, there’s a 14% chance that the private information you shared with your partner will be misused or it will end up on the Internet.

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