California Brags with Its First Gigawatt of Solar Power

The state managed to follow the green trend launched by five eco-conscious nations

Despite the government's lack of commitments in developing new methods of implementing renewable power and all the mystery which surrounds the feed-in tariffs on the market of solar panel, California has managed to overcome all the bumps in the road and has announced that its overall solar installations have reached their first gigawatt (or 1,000th megawatt).

This means California has now the ability to fight its fossil-fuel dependency in a more efficient manner, while offering clean power coming from the sun to up to 750,000 American homes.

Also, while comparing the numbers with those of its most powerful opponent in this line of business, the total energy obtained can be compared to the amount of dirty power offered by approximately 2 coal-burning plants.

Apparently, one of the major players which supported this achievement a great deal has been The California Solar Initiative, which contributed by bringing 600 megawatts online.

Solar leases and the decreasing solar prices have also been key factors in achieving this ambitious, earth-friendly goal.

Despite all the impediments revealed by the present framework, which includes the governmental lack of support for this field of activity, California managed to experience the benefits of 205 MW out of the total 1,000, which have been installed earlier this year.

According to experts in this field of activity, the state has a lot of potential which needs to be exploited even further.

“California can become the Saudi Arabia of the sun if it continues to get behind big, successful solar programs,” according to Michelle Kinman of Environment California and co-author of “Building a Brighter Future: California’s Progress Toward a Million Solar Roofs.”

California scaled up its efforts to get green while relying on renewables, managing to follow the trend launched by other 5 eco-conscious countries, which also succeeded in reaching their gigawatt solar milestone, like Spain, Japan, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy.

From now on, it appears that you can't be California dreaming unless you think about green solar power.

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