Calibre 1.7 Is Simply the Best eBook Conversion Software

The latest build of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

Version 1.7 of the eBook reader and management software Calibre has been announced on October 17.

Just a week after the previous update, the developer has released yet another version of the famous application, bringing even more features and changes.

Calibre 1.7 now allows the use of images as the background for the cover grid. To choose an image, you will have to go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Grid.

Also, the option to mark newly added books with a temporary mark has been implemented (the option can be found in Preferences->Adding books), and turning off the cover size displayed in the bottom right corner of the cover by right clicking the cover and choosing “Hide cover size” is now allowed.

Other changes include a number of important fixes. For example, if both the embed font family and the filter css option to remove fonts have been set, the font specified by the embed font family option is no longer removed.

The developer also corrected a few remaining situations that could cause formats column to show an error message about SHLock, and a bug that could cause Calibre to crash when switching from a larger to a smaller library with marked books has also been fixed.

The following news sources have been improved: Wall Street Journal, Newsweek Polska, Wired Magazine,, Television Without Pity, Carta, and Diagonales.

A complete changelog can be found in the announcement. You can also check out our review of Calibre.

Keep in mind that, if you want to compile the software yourself, you will need GLIBC 2.10 or higher, and xdg-utils and python ≥ 2.6 installed (3.x will not work). More details about the required dependencies can be found on the official website.

Download Calibre 1.7 for Linux

Download Calibre 1.7 for Windows

Download Calibre 1.7 for Mac OS

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