Calibre 1.47 eBook Reader and Editor Brings Improvements for Covers

The latest version of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

The Calibre eBook reader, editor, and library management software has been updated to version 1.47 and comes with a set of new features.

Calibre is a piece of software that is able to convert eBook files from one format to another, but that's just one of the functions that it can perform. Some of the changes in this new version cover this aspect and one the biggest modifications in the application now allows defined emblems (icons) to be displayed next to covers.

“Now you can have your own custom icons displayed next to covers in the cover grid, based on simple rules you create. For example, you can display a heart icon next to books with a rating of more than four stars or a tick mark next to books you read and so on. To create these rules go to Preferences->Cover Grid and click the Emblems tab on the left,” notes the dev.

The eBook viewer function has also received a very important modification. The Calibre developer has decided to replace the dictionary provider with and

“When looking up words, the word definition is now opened in a separate browser window. The language of the dictionary to lookup is automatically selected based on the language of the current book. To lookup a word in the viewer simply select the word with your mouse and right click, then choose ‘Lookup in dictionary’,” also says the developer.

According to the changelog, it's now possible to customize the templates used when creating new, blank HTML/CSS files via Preferences->Editor settings, the application is now able to recognize the page number of a comic, incorrect results are no longer provided when running “replace all” on marked text and more than one replacement is made, and the Check Book panel is now clear when opening a new book.

Also, subsetting fonts is now working if the text contains non-BMP unicode characters, the HTML parser used in the news download subsystem is now preserving the whitespace inside the <pre> tags, underscores from classnames are no longer stripped, and quoted URLs inside @font-face rules are now handled properly.

Installing the latest version of Calibre is quite easy, as the developer provides a simple script to do all that. It should be platform-independent, but some users might not be able to run it.

You can also check out our review of Calibre and download Calibre 1.47 from Softpedia, but keep in mind that this is just the source.

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