Calibre 1.44.0 Is Now Available for Download

This Calibre release includes assorted bugfixes and improvements

It’s Friday, so Kovid Goyal had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of a brand new maintenance release of his highly acclaimed Calibre eBook library management software.

Calibre 1.44.0 is here to fix several annoying bugs that were introduced in the previous maintenance release and reported by users through the official bug tracker of the project, and add a handful of new features as well as improved new sources.

Among the new features added in Calibre 1.44.0 we can mention the ability to use the CTRL + left mouse click combination on a highlighted link when editing a book to directly jump to the file it points to. In addition, if a link is no longer available, it will be marked as error.

A check has been added for manifest items whose href attributes are missing, and users are now able to select all the existing text when clicking on the search box, so they can easily replace it with another search string.

Several buttons have been added to allow you to easily and quickly change the text alignment of the current paragraph when editing an eBook. If you don’t see these buttons when using Calibre 1.44.0, make sure that they’ve been added to the Text formatting actions toolbar in the Preferences ->Toolbars dialog.

Calibre 1.44.0 also brings some good news for owners of Kobo eReaders, as the application supports the new 3.5 firmware of the device. Also, the reading performance of the book list has been improved when several column coloring rules are used.

Among the bugs squashed in Calibre 1.44.0, we can mention that @import rules are no longer automatically resolved in AZW3 files, a @namespace rule is no longer added to all stylesheets that contain tag selectors, and the class attribute on the <html> tag is now preserved when editing eBooks in the AZW3 file format.

The Linux installer of the application has been fixed in this release, as it now uses the pkg-config tool to get the location for deploying the bash completion scripts of Calibre.

Moreover, several issues with the built-in spell checker have been repaired, such as the broken inline spell check context menu, various font directories, as well as some problems with hyphenated words that were treated as single words.

Last but not least, the Science Daily news source has been improved in Calibre 1.44.0. For more details, please read the official release notes. Download Calibre 1.44.0 right now from Softpedia.

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