Calibre 1.24 Is the Ultimate eBook Conversion Software

The latest version of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

eBook reader and management software Calibre has just received a new version that’s full of new features and various other surprises, like usual.

According to the developer, an option to insert the comments from the book metadata as text into the email has been implemented. This is very useful and will allow the recipient to see a summary of the book before opening it. The option can be found is in Preferences->Sharing by email.

Also, a brand new tool to automatically generate an inline (HTML) Table of Contents based on the current NCX Table of Contents has been added, and it can be found via Tools->Table of Contents->Insert inline Table of Contents.

Highlights of Calibre 1.24:

• Support for touchscreens when running on Windows tablets has been added. Users can tap or swipe to turn pages, swipe up or down to jump between sections, and swipe and hold to flip through pages rapidly and pinch to zoom in and out;

• A check for internal links in the book, that do not point to HTML documents, has been added;

• Support has been added for the soon to be released firmware version 3.2 for Kobo devices;

• Pressing Tab (in addition to Enter) to accept the current completion is now allowed;

• Any declared text-decoration CSS for <u> tags is no longer overridden for <u> tags when auto-converting them to <span>;

• The incorrect rendering of HTML files, with only a single large image and very little text, has been improved;

• A copy has been added to the clipboard button for the duplicates message when copying to another library.

A lot more information can be found in the complete announcement, and you can also check out our review of Calibre.

Download Calibre 1.24 for Linux

Download Calibre 1.24 for Windows

Download Calibre 1.24 for Mac OS

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