Calibre 1.15 eBook Manager Now Features a Native and Complete Book Editor

This latest version of Calibre comes with quite a few changes

Version 1.15 of the eBook reader and management software Calibre has been announced on December 13, introducing a major feature called Book Editor.

Calibre 1.15 marks the introduction of a very important feature called Book Editor, which allows users to edit any EPUB or AZW3 book formats.

“Right click on any book in calibre and choose ‘Edit Book’ to edit e-books in the EPUB and AZW3 formats. The new editor allows you to edit the HTML/CSS and images inside the ebooks in a seamless fashion, with live preview of your changes and many helpful automated tools for checking the book for errors, editing the table of contents, merging, splitting, bulk renaming and so on,” said the developer in the official announcement.

Even if this feature has been integrated into the stable version of Calibre, the developer also explained that it was still being worked on and that some bugs might still be present.

Highlights of Calibre 1.15:

• Easy filtering of the lists of available and applied tags is now possible in the “Edit metadata” dialog;

• A driver has been added for Onyx Boox C65;

• Book covers are now showing with the Kobo driver for sideloaded kepubs on the book details screen, with newer Kobo firmware;

• A more useful error is now displayed when clicking on the cover of a book that has no formats to view;

• Removing the formatting for comments is now also removing the background colors.

A lot more information can be found in the complete announcement, and you can also check out our review of Calibre.

Keep in mind that, if you want to compile the software yourself, you will need GLIBC 2.10 or higher, and xdg-utils and Python ≥ 2.6 installed (3.x will not work). More details about the required dependencies can be found on the official website.

Download Calibre 1.15 for Linux

Download Calibre 1.15 for Windows

Download Calibre 1.15 for Mac OS

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