Calibre 0.9.7 Improves the Ebook Viewer

The latest version of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

Version 0.9.7 of the Ebook reader and management software Calibre was announced on November 23, marking an important milestone for this amazing software.

If you have an e-book reader, the Calibre software is a must-have. It does so many things for the avid reader, that it would take a lot of time to just enumerate all the features.

As usual, Calibre comes with a lot of new changes, but also various improvements for the ebook viewer and for the metadata dialog.

Highlights of Calibre 0.9.7:

• The size of the current book cover is now shown in the edit metadata dialog;

• Searching by title and author, in addition to any keyword, is now allowed, preventing a large numbers of spurious matches;

• An option to automatically convert any added book to the current output format, has been added. This option can be found under Preferences->Adding books;

• Users can now view tables in a separate popup window by right clicking on the table and selecting 'View table.' This feature can be useful for reference books that have lots of large tables;

• The current library name has been added as an available field, when generating catalogs in csv/xml format;

• An option to hide the help message when entering full screen mode has been added for the Ebook viewer;

• An option to always start the viewer in full screen mode has been added;

• Searching a selected word or phrase in Google, via the context menu, is now allowed in full screen mode for the Ebook viewer;

• A new type of FileType plugin, postimport, that runs after a book has been added to the database, has been added.

A complete changelog can be found in the official announcement. You can also check out our review of Calibre.

Download Calibre 0.9.7 right now from Softpedia.

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