Calibre 0.9.28 Introduces Virtual Libraries

The latest version of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

Version 0.9.28 of the Ebook reader and management software Calibre was announced on April 12, marking a milestone for this amazing software.

The development of Calibre is going smoothly and less bugs and fixes remain with each edition. Even if it's still pretty far off from a 1.0 release, Calibre can be considered stable.

The biggest feature introduced in this version is the addition of Virtual libraries. Users will be able to open Calibre using just a subset of the books available in the general Library.

“For example, you might want to only work with books by a certain author, or books having only a certain tag. To use this feature, click the button labeled 'Virtual Library' to the left of the search bar,” reads the official announcement.

Highlights of Calibre 0.9.28:

• Users can now copy links in the book details panel by right clicking on them;

• Support for the new Kobo Aura HD and firmware version 2.5.0 has been implemented;

•Users can now right-click on a cover to view a full-size version;

• Support has been added for Easy player cyber book e-touch and Droid 4 devices;

• The size of the panels in the location view can be adjusted;

• The handling of EPUB files, that contain images with non-ascii filenames, has been improved;

• The Laser EB720 device with newer firmware is now detectable by Calibre;

• Partial support has been added for hyperlinks.

A complete changelog can be found in the official announcement. You can also check out our review of Calibre.

Keep in mind that if you want to compile the software yourself, you will need GLIBC 2.10 or higher, and xdg-utils and python ≥ 2.6 installed (3.x will not work). More details about the required dependencies can be found on the official website.

Download Calibre 0.9.28 right now from Softpedia.

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