Calibre 0.8.70 Supports Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

It also comes with new drivers for a couple of new devices, HTC Flyer and Trekstor 4ink

By on September 21st, 2012 07:49 GMT

Version 0.8.70 of the e-book reader and management software Calibre was announced on September 21st, with some important new features and fixes.

Highlights of Calibre 0.8.70:

• Connecting MTP (non-disk-based) devices via USB is now supported. This category includes the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD;
• The Calibre portable feature has been improved;
• Function approximate_formats() to get list of formats saved in the db for a book as opposed to the formats that actually exist on disk, has been added;
• A couple of new functions to get the path to individual book formats and the calibre library as a whole have been added;
• Drivers for HTC Flyer and Trekstor 4ink have been added;
• AZW3 output not properly indexed bug has been repaired;
• Generation of apnx files for newer kindle firmware has been fixed.

A complete changelog can be found in the official announcement.

Download Calibre 0.8.70
right now from Softpedia.

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