Cache SSD from Kingfast Is a 32 GB Laptop Storage Device

Good for ultrathin devices thanks to its thickness of just 7mm

Solid-state drives come in several forms, just like their potential applications can be very different in nature, which is why there are such things as cache solid-state storage devices.

People unfamiliar with Intel's Smart Response Technology, and the concept of SSD caching that spawned it, may have trouble understanding what the point of a 32 GB SSD could be.

After all, even flash drives can go well over that mark, and they don't even need to permanently lie inside a PC.

Nevertheless, there is a good reason why Kingfast bothered creating this 2.5-inch, 7mm-thick storage unit: extra performance.

Notebooks and ultrathin devices only access data and write files as fast as their storage units allow.

Hard disk drives (magnetic platter-based devices) have come a long way, but they still leave much to be desired compared to SSDs.

Solid-state drives, on the other hand, are very expensive. That is why IT players came up with SSD caching, when a low-capacity SSD is used as the boot drive, and for storing often-used files.

SSD caching is the closest thing to a merger between the capacity of HDDs and the high performance of SSDs, not counting hybrid drives.

The name of the K25 Ultra-Cache SSD from Kingfast gains a great significance in this context.

Kingfast built the 32 GB drive out of MLC NAND Flash memory chips (multi-level cell). The NVELO DataPlex SSD caching software, complete with a license, is bundled with it.

The program allows an SSD caching setup to be created without having to reinstall anything. It will only really help on dual-drive notebooks, but it never hurts to cover all the bases.

The only downside to the newcomer is that SATA III isn't supported. In other words, the transfer speed is limited to 190 MB/s when writing and 270 MB/s when reading (SATA 3.0 Gbps). Quite a bit below the 500+ of SATA 6.0 Gbps, but still above the ability of HDDs.

Kingfast's K25 Ultra-Cache SSD should be found up for order online at a price of $58 / 44 Euro.

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