Cabbage Patch Kids Get Their Own “Hospital” Museum

Visitors can witness the birth of the kids, step by step

BabyLand Central is a “hospital” museum in Cleveland, Georgia, where tourists can watch the birth of Cabbage Patch Kids.

Pictured above, an attendant is dressed as an actual nurse, and appears to be picking up a newborn.

The Sun describes how the “birth” occurs. Visitors hear an announcement, and rush to the “the Magic Crystal Tree,” where they can see several Kids' faces.

“Cabbage dilation ten leaves apart, nurse to the delivery station. Mother Cabbage in labor — code green,” the announcer says.

A “physician” then scans the tree trunk, determines the gender of the baby, and plucks it out. Most visitors who “witness the birth” are so enchanted, that they end up buying a doll.

Whether you are a Cabbage Patch Kids fan or not, it sounds like a lot of work went into the making of the delivery experience, and going to this museum sounds like fun.

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