CX Series Modular, Corsair's New Power Supplies

They all bear the 80 Plus Bronze certification and 3-year warranties

Corsair definitely seems to have a thing for power supplies. Last time we reported on its movements, the company had launched a new series of modular power supplies and now, yet another series of such power supplies has made its debut.

The new PSU line is called CX Series Modular. Not the most dramatic of names, but Corsair's business has been doing fine, which means that its dry naming scheme works just fine.

The CX Series Modular power supply collection is composed of four members, with outputs of 430 W, 500 W, 600 W and 750 W, respectively.

The wattage is actually the only difference between the newcomers, save for the labels on them, of course.

First off, their energy efficiency is of 85% at 50% typical usage loads. This has earned them 80 Plus Bronze certification, which is the lowest level (not counting the clean 80 Plus rating).

Then again, 85% is already a lot more than low-end and mid-range PSUs can provide.

The CX Series Modular also offer higher reliability, less noise and less heat than other power supplies.

As for the cabling system, it actually doesn't follow a pure modular scheme. Rather, it is a hybrid system with a non-detachable ATX cable.

The SATA, 4-pin MOLEX and PCI Express cables can definitely be taken down or added at a moment's notice.

"Corsair CX Series PSUs have an unrivalled reputation for reliability, which has made them the clear choice for value-conscious PC builders," said Thi La, senior VP and GM of memory and enthusiast component products at Corsair.

"We designed the new CX Series Modular in response to customer requests for a modular PSU at lower price points. They are built to the same high level of quality as our Corsair CX Series, with new configurable cables that simplify installation and help PCs stay cool and uncluttered."

The prices of the Corsair CX Series Modular 430 W, 500 W, 600 W and 750 W PSUs are unknown, but every other bit of information can be found here. 3-year warranties accompany them all and online stores should list them shortly.


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