CUER Solar-Powered Car Gets Unveiled

The vehicle is to compete in the 2013 World Solar Challenge

Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) recently introduced the general public to the vehicle they intend to use to compete in the 2013 World Solar Challenge. Needless to say, they plan on winning this competition.

The students who worked on this project explain that, to make sure their car is going to be the fastest and the most efficient to take part in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, they paid significant attention both to how solar power would be harvested, and to aerodynamics.

“This year we have come up with an innovative, radical and game-changing new design, unlike anything that has come before. Industry experts and leading academics in the field have expressed their confidence that we stand a very good chance of winning the race,” the students explain.

Those wishing to help them build this vehicle can back the project on KickStarter.

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