CSS Corp Site Hacked by LulzSec, Database Leaked

The hackers explained that they didn't make the announcement about April 1

It’s probably not news to anyone that the LulzSec name once again “laughs at security” and the reborn collective is not wasting any time. A few hours ago they breached the website of CSS Corp, a global information and communications technology company, leaking the main domain’s entire database.

“We did it just to have fun. All the hacks will be done for a reason, but also for fun. LulzSec style,” one of the hackers told us.

The database dumped by the hackers contains data that is publicly available, but also some tables that store more sensitive information, including email addresses, names, clear-text passwords, user IDs and usernames.

“And admins from CSS Corp I know that you are smarter than the others please don't search for proof we will delete your whole database,” read a post on the LulzSec Twitter account.

One interesting note that must be made is that this LulzSec crew is not the one that made the announcement regarding April 1.

“About that [expletive] on 1st of April we don't know who is planning that...” they explained.

It will be interesting to see if another LulzSec crew will be born on April 1, but for now, one thing is clear: this new collective is not a joke.

Our sources reveal that its members are veteran hackers who have been known to breach important sites before.

In the meantime, some argue that the continuation of LulzSec is not such a brilliant idea, mainly because of the arrests that have occurred recently, combined with the fact that one of the former team’s members was an FBI informant.

“We are not the old LulzSec. The idea is to continue what some have started and never managed to finish. At the same time we want to avenge the ones that were arrested,” one of the hackers said.

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