CSI Star Gary Dourdan Files for Bankruptcy

Legally troubled star files for Chapter 11, makes international headlines

Gary Dourdan, former star on “CSI,” made headlines more for his troubled personal life than for his achievements in past years. This time is no exception either: he’s recently filed for bankruptcy.

In doing so, he joins the long list of celebrities who admit financial defeat in a bid to get a respite from creditors.

However, the future may still hold a promise for the better for Dourdan, TMZ writes.

“The troubled actor filed papers on August 30th – and according to the docs, has a little over $1.8 mil [€1.42 million] in assets... but is in the hole to his creditors to the tune of $1.73 mil [€1.36 million],” the celebrity publication writes.

Considering how much details TMZ has on the actor’s situation, chances are all this comes straight from someone close to him, or perhaps even a member of his PR team.

“A large chunk of that debt – $1,689,704 [€1,332,889] – is owed to various banks, including Union Bank, which apparently holds the mortgage on his home that may be in default,” TMZ writes.

“Here's the kicker... Gary says his disposable income is only $321 [€253] a month, claiming his bills ($14,562 [€11486] a month) eat up just about all of the $14,883 [€11,742] he pulls in on average,” the same media outlet says.

Hence, the justification in filing for bankruptcy.

As noted above, Dourdan himself remains optimistic that he’ll be able to get through this and emerge with his head high: he says for TMZ that he “anticipates major acting roles” soon, which will help him rid himself of all debts.

Precisely one year ago, Dourdan was arrested for battery after breaking the nose of his then-girlfriend during a domestic dispute that escalated. It was just one of the many drug-fueled arrests that tarnished his reputation.

Dourdan left “CSI” in 2008 after he and CBS could not reach an agreement on his salary.

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