“CSI: NY” Star Carmine Giovinazzo Arrested for DUI

Actor was busted in Arizona last week, was extremely apologetic

Carmine Giovinazzo, who most of you must already know from “CSI: NY,” where he plays Det. Danny Messer, was arrested last week for driving under the influence but, police say, he was extremely apologetic about it.

Attached to this article is the actor’s mugshot.

TMZ reports that police pulled him over after noticing him driving erratically in the early hours of morning.

“According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops located 39-year-old Carmine swerving all over the road around 2:40 AM on Monday January 21,” the celebrity publication writes.

Giovinazzo explained that he was driving this way because he’d gotten lost and was using the GPS to find his way – nevertheless, police also noticed he smelled of booze and was showing clear signs of intoxication.

They were not wrong: the actor eventually admitted to having a glass of whiskey at his hotel before he got behind the wheel.

He had bloodshot eyes and was slurring. Police determined his blood alcohol level was at .149, which, TMZ says, is almost twice the legal limit in Arizona.

To his credit, the actor was extremely cooperative with the police and even apologized several times for driving under the influence.

Moreover, the aforementioned media outlet notes, police say he was one of the nicest DUI arrests they have made in years though, if you think about it, that matters only too little, all things considered.

“The arresting officer says Carmine ‘repeatedly apologized to me and told me he didn't want to be an [expletive]-hole.’ The cop added, ‘[Carmine] thanked me many times for not treating him like a criminal and showing him respect’,” TMZ writes.

The actor was booked on driving under the influence charges, and will have to be in court to be arraigned at a later date.

At the time of the arrest, he was traveling with two other passengers.

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