CORE Release Date Announced

First person shooter comes this fall

Classic first person shooter action, single- and multiplayer modes plus tons of fun: that is what CORE promises to bring exclusively on the Nintnedo DS. The game is the debut project from developer NoWay Studio and it will be released in October 2008, just before the Christmas sales.

In the game, you take the role of a marine sent into a CORE lab complex built where a meteor crashed 20 years before the action starts. All the research in the lab was going as planned, until two weeks ago when all contact was lost. As you can imagine, you are sent there to investigate and you'll have to do so by exploring lots of offices, above and underground. Again, as you can imagine, you will eventually find out that mankind is under threat and that you have to shoot everything that moves.

Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO at NoWay Studio said, "The inspiration for CORE comes from the team's love of the classic early video games like Doom, Quake and Half-Life. These incredible games have that great combination of skilful and addictive gameplay which we have now re-created for the Nintendo DS. CORE is essentially 2 games in one, the single player mission is spread over 15 huge levels and the multiplayer across 10 specially designed arenas."

So, even though the developers didn't necessarily come up with a great story, they do have a great start, since I doubt there are many people who would say no to a well done game, similar to Doom or HL. We will also get more recent game modes such as Capture the flag, Team arena or Free for all. For these multiplayer modes we have ten specially designed arenas, as well as a range of weapons and shields characters can pick up during gameplay. Want to hear an even better piece of news? Here you go: up to four players can quickly set up a multiplayer game using a single game cartridge!

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