CNN’s Political Ticker Hacked, Fake Bitcoin Operator Story Published

A hacker stole a user's credentials for a third-party publishing platform

CNN’s Political Ticker blog was hacked last week. The hacker published a bogus story entitled “Anonymous Bitcoin operator goes out of business.”

The fake story has been removed by CNN, but a Google cache shows that the bogus article appeared to be written by CNN's Melissa Gray and Dan Lothian.

“On Friday, June 22th, the Supreme Court of California issued a ruling on winding up of Btc-e Co., according to media reports. Under the lawsuit, the company is not a member of any professional association or self-regulating organization (SRO), as required by U.S. law,” the article read.

It’s uncertain who is behind the breach, but CNN representatives have told Mediabistro that the incident occurred after a user’s credentials for a third-party publishing platform had been compromised.

“We have corrected the issue and are working with the vendor to ensure the platform’s security,” CNN representatives said.

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