CM Storm Sirius S Gaming Headset Launched by Cooler Master

It is a 5.1-channel audio device based on a product released about two years ago

When making a device in the hopes to turn it into a best seller, or at least a mildly successful product, there are two main ways of going about things, one of which Cooler Master followed when making the Sirius S headset.

The two ways to ensure success, or a measure of it, are to try something completely new and to build on something that has already proven its viability.

Cooler Master, or rather its sub-brand CM Storm, chose the latter method when it made the Sirius S.

Based on the Sirius, which was launched back in June 2011, the headphone set bears the name of the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky.

Whether the device becomes one of the brightest stars of the audio market remains to be seen.

Either way, if it does turn into such a prestigious item, it won't be through any attention to sophistication or high-end assets on CM's part.

If anything, Cooler Master is emphasizing affordability over quality here, though it still made sure the headset had 5.1-channel support, a volume control pot and 3.5mm jacks (three line-out, one mic-in).

The volume control pod replaces the USB sound card that the original Sirius shipped with.

While the first idea wasn't bad per se, non-standard DSP sound cards often have drive issues. The volume control pod simplifies things and cuts the need for maintenance on the part of the manufacturer. It also allows for a lower price.

Speaking of which, customers will have to pay around 120 Euro / $120-160 when sales finally start next month (February 2013).

All the specs and the image gallery of the Sirius S 5.1 can be found here, on the official product page. The frequency response of 10Hz – 20,000Hz, the sensitivity above 105dB, and the distortion of less than 1% are just a few of the highlights.

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