Circumcision Decreases by Four Times the Penis' Sensitivity

This is genital mutilation

Many of those fanatics have all the personal reasons to be enraged on the western sexuality as a new research in the British Journal of Urology International reveals that men with normal, intact penises have more sexual sensitivity, as much as four times, than those circumcised.

The researchers found that circumcising cuts off more of a male's touch sensitivity than is delivered by all his ten fingertips. No matter the location, intact men displayed more fine-touch skin sensitivity on their penis and foreskin than a circumcised man did.

An uncircumcised man has a foreskin covering the glans (penis's bulbous head) when the penis is flaccid and during the erection this skin slides back and exposes the glans. Circumcision removes this extremely sensitive skin portion. The study proves that circumcision could be in fact an act aiming to reduce sexual pleasure for men in some cultures. In this case, it is a violation of a male's right to bodily integrity, a genital mutilation.

The results are similar to female circumcision, where even the mildest forms eliminate the most sensitive parts of the female genitalia.

There is a wrong belief that circumcision is made for hygienic reasons, to protect against disease like banalities, urethritis, retained smegma, penile and cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

Besides not being protective against these, as circumcision has such a severe effect on adult sexuality, no child should ever experience a non-therapeutic circumcision, like phimosis or paraphimosis, when the foreskin poses medical problems.

Controlling a boy's level of sexual sensitivity because of personal bias or prejudice is something not so well regarded in progressive societies.

Moreover, circumcised men, with a decreased sensitivity, could refuse to wear further-desensitizing condoms. And circumcision could give them a fake feeling of "safety".

Those on the way to undergoing circumcision should be informed about its sexual effects and that it does not protect against STDs, including HIV/AIDS.

Some naïve opinions I read belonged to puzzled people who asked themselves: if the glans, the penis' most sensitive part is not removed, why does the sensitivity decrease?

Simple: A glans with circumcision is dry. The foreskin evolved exactly for this purpose: to keep the glans wet and sensitive. The glans skin is a membrane and like any membrane, when it's dry it loses sensitivity as the nervous terminations can no longer work.

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