CIA Agent Who Found Bin Laden in Hot Water at Work

She was refused a promotion and an increase in pay

The unidentified female operative who allegedly tracked down and brought down Al Qaeda's leader is having trouble with other CIA agents.

According to the Washington Post, she joined the Agency before 9/11 and worked as a targeter in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her job was recruiting assets, who could be turned into agents or spies, as well as finding lethal drone strikes targets.

She championed a project that involved taking a closer look at the courier connection to Bin Laden. The Al Qaeda organization would communicate with their leader via hand-delivered messages.

She was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Medal earlier this year, putting her apart from her coworkers.

As the recipients were announced, and she noticed several other agents would be rewarded for their efforts, she emailed them, saying they did not deserve it.

“After this went right, there were a lot of people trying to take credit,” she wrote.

“You guys tried to obstruct me. You fought me. Only I deserve the award,” is the highlight of her message.

She had answered an email by replying to all the coworkers in her messaging list.

She was compensated with a cash bonus for her efforts on the Bin Laden assignment, however was denied a promotion. Had her rank been changed to a GS-14 from a GS-13, her yearly salary would have increased by $16,000 (€12,300).

A character based on the operative's accomplishments uses the name “Maya” in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.” The charismatic and well-liked Maya is played by Jessica Chastain.

Rumor has it that the CIA inspector general is looking into who supplied filmmakers with private information on the female agent. The Agency was on board with the movie, allowing a tour of the “vault” where trams planned the raid on the Abbottabad compound.

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