CFEngine Community Edition 3.4 Adds XML Editing

The latest version of the CFEngine Community Edition can be downloaded from Softpedia

CFEngine, an IT infrastructure automation framework designed to help engineers, system administrators and other stakeholders in an IT system, is now at version 3.4.

CFEngine is a solution that has enjoyed a security record of over 19 years, proving that offerings of this framework is highly scalable through decentralized, autonomous agents.

CFEngine Community is licensed under the Gnu General Public License GPL and it's available as a free-of charge download.

[admark=1]The community edition of CFEngine hasn't been neglected and the 3.4 version is chock full of new features and changes.

Highlights of CFEngine 3.4:

• XML editing capabilities have been implemented. It also means that the software now has an additional dependency, libxml2;

• A rpmvercmp utility has been added, helping users to compare versions of RPM packages for accurate sorting of RPM packages for packages promises;

• A network timeout on server side has been implemented in order to avoid keeping stale connections for hours;

• Namespaces support for bundles and bodies has been added;

• Methods promises now return the status of promises kept within them. If any promise was not kept, the method is not kept. If any promise is repaired, the method was repaired else it was kept;

• New command hooks have been added in packages promises for better integration with the system's package manager;

• The "depends_on" attribute is now active, for the partal ordering of promises. If a promise depends on another (referred by handle), it will only be considered if the depends_on list is either kept or repaired already;

• cf-execd -F switch no longer implies 'run once'. A new -O/--once option has been added to achieve this behavior;

• A new compile-time cf-gendoc tool for reference manual generation has been implemented and cf-know is no longer part of CFEngine Community.

Check out the official website for more information about this release.

Download CFEngine 3.4 right now from Softpedia.

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