CES 2014: World's Smallest Printer Is the LG Pocket Photo 2.0

It connects via Bluetooth, pairs through NFC and is compatible with both Android and iOS

Printers are large things, especially the ones that print 3D objects instead of writing things on paper through whatever means, but there are exceptions, and the LG Pocket Photo 2.0 is one of, if not the most blatant.

The Pocket Photo 2.0 PD239 Smart Mobile printer is an improved design based on the Pocket Photo introduced back at IFA 2013.

The item is very small, about as large as a smartphone and capable of printing photos on the fly, on paper measuring 2 x 3 inches, or 51 x 76 millimeters. The resolution is of 313 dpi.

To use the printer, you need a smartphone, either on Android or an Apple iPhone. Also, you need the associated app (free download).

Then, you only need to bring the printer close to your phone, and the NFC will pair them, letting Bluetooth take care of the rest.

As for how the Pocket Photo 2.0 actually works, it's all based on Zink technology, which uses heat to activate the color-forming chemical compound coating the sheets of paper made for the printer's use.

Thus, the images should last longer and smear less, although not needing expensive ink cartridges, ribbons or toner is also a plus.

“Printed photos have a sentimental appeal that digital images are not truly able to replicate,” said Byung-hoon Min, senior vice president of LG’s home entertainment company.

“Our newest Pocket Photo embraces the emotional aspect of the printed photo while offering a level of portability and convenience that are missing from today’s digital cameras.”

LG will ship the Pocket Photo 2.0 this year in pink, jewel white and lime yellow. China already ships it. 30 photos can be printed on a single battery charge, which might not let you instantly produce physical versions of all scenery shots you might take on a trip, but you'll be able to share the highlights with friends or chance acquaintances before you go your separate ways.

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