CES 2014: Valve Announces 14 First-Gen Steam Machine Partners

Over one dozen Steam Machine designs are already in production

Valve's list of partners for its first generation of Steam Machines leaked earlier today, but there was no telling if the information is accurate or not.

Luckily, the confirmation came several hours later, as Valve announced during its Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2014 press conference the list of partners for the first generation of Steam Machines.

Aside from the name of the companies that will sell Steam Machines in the not so distant future, those who attended the press event could also see some of the designs Valve's partners will be launching on the market.

According to Valve, over one dozen Steam Machine designs are already in production from well known manufacturers and are set for release sometime in 2014.

As expected, the lineup of Steam Machines will be available at various price points and a wide range of performance options made possible by the device's open design.

Gamers will be pleased to know that some of the cheapest Steam Machines will only cost as low as $499 (€365), where as top end systems rivaling today’s best-featured gaming PCs will be available for several thousand US dollars.

Valve also announce that regardless of manufacturer, each Steam Machine includes a Steam Controller designed for use with a wide variety of game genres, and is powered by the SteamOS, a custom OS built atop Linux.

“The first generation Steam Machines offers something for every gamer, which is a critical part of extending Steam into the living room. With over 3,000 games and more than 65 million gamers on Steam, it’s important to offer gamers a variety of Steam Machines that allow them to select what makes the most sense for them,” said Gabe Newell of Valve.

Without further ado, here are the makers of first generation Steam Machines: Alienware, Alternate, CyberPowerPC, Digital Storm, Falcon NW, GigaByte, iBuyPower, Maingear, Material.net, Next Spa, Origin PC, Scan, Webhallen, and Zotac.

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