CES 2014: This HDMI Stick from Netgear Is Actually a Complete Set-Top Box

As tiny as it is, it should have no trouble streaming video and running apps

Mini PCs and gadgets are the rave at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and Netgear wasn't about to let the occasion pass without launching something interesting.

So here it is, in Las Vegas, Nevada, introducing all visitors to the NeoMediacast, an HDMI dongle that is not an HDMI dongle.

Well, actually it is an HDMI dongle, it's just not only an HDMI dongle. It's an entire set-top box shaped as one.

So all you need to do it stick it into your TV while an 802.11ac WiFi or older wireless connection is in range and voila! Full-featured smart TV capabilities.

There's even microSD and USB storage support, so you can connect flash drives and the like to it too.

Carriers and service operators should start using Netgear's NeoMediacast by mid-year. It could take less, but they need to make some custom software first.

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