CES 2014: NVIDIA Might Unveil Details on Maxwell GPU Architecture

If it happens, it will probably be in a meeting behind closed doors

Pretty much everyone keeping track of the graphics industry will know that NVIDIA long ago decided to release the Maxwell graphics processing unit architecture this year.

Now it has been assumed that the corporation will disclose at least some details during CES 2014.

The Consumer Electronics Show will take place from January 7 to January 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For now, the only confirmed piece of info is that Maxwell will be based on 28nm architecture from TSMC. That's it.

Well, besides the fact that two chips will be unveiled to start with: GM107 (mid-range, February probably, will power GTX 860 or something along those lines) and GM204 (big and strong one, probably set for Q4).

Next week will reveal if the rumor about a CES disclosure was true or not.

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