CES 2014: Intel Consults Fashion Designers for Smart Bracelet Designs

The bracelet will eventually sell through Barneys New York

Intel seems to have turned its CES 2014 attendance into a game, a game of guesswork played by anyone other than itself.

I say that because Intel spoke about a certain “beautifully” crafted smart bracelet at CES 2014, while also not saying anything about it at all.

The company only revealed that it was looking for advice from the fashion sector, but that's it.

Whatever the thing ends up looking like, we won't know until Barneys New York starts selling it at some point in the future.

And with current predictions being what they are, that can mean anything from a few weeks from now to late 2014. Probably closer to the latter if I'm reading things right.

Intel is also teaming up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America for future device designs.

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