CES 2013: Zotac ZBOX ID84, a New Mini PC with Dual Wi-Fi Antenna

The small system has an Ivy Bridge CPU and NVIDIA GeForce graphics

Zotac's Zbox miniature PC has come a long way since the first iteration, when it was just a little critter trying to get by.

Like most pother IT companies worth their salt, Zotac has dragged its favorite products to Las Vegas, Nevada, where this year's edition of CES is taking place (Consumer Electronics Show).

The name of the newest ZBOX is ZBOX ID84. According to Hot Hardware and Xtrasoft, the palm-sized system not only has an Ivy Bridge CPU, but it also uses two Wi-Fi antennas.

Zotac also tossed in a cooling system that can handle decent processors like Core i3-3120M.

Customers will be allowed to choose between settling for the HD 4000 GPU integrated in the CPU or getting an NVIDIA GeForce 620 discrete GPU.

The starting price is £320 ($520 / 395 Euro).

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