CES 2013: Whoever Hates Intel NUC's Case Can Call Lian Li for a Replacement

The company brought a replacement case to the Consumer Electronics Show

Intel's Next Unit of Computing hasn't made the news so much for its own merit, but for how much attention other IT companies are paying it.

Last November, for example, Abee decided to release a bunch of replacement cases for the small box PC.

As it happens, Lian Li has done something similar at CES 2013.

The company has introduced the PC-N1 chassis, made fully out of aluminum and completely lacking in active cooling. There are no extra drive bays either.

The metal of the case should be able to cool the Desktop Boards D33217CK / D33217GKE and the CPU.

Overall, Lian Li's PC-N1 measures 122 x 40 x 108 mm / 4.80 x 1.57 x 4.25 inches. Basically the same size as a router. No price or availability details have been reported yet.

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