CES 2013: Watch NVIDIA's Entire Press Conference Here – Video

For the many that did not make it to Las Vegas, here is the video feed

As always, NVIDIA is one of the highest-profile companies attending the Consumer Electronics Show. This implies, among other things, a large-scale press conference.

We've already covered the highlights, namely the Tegra 4 Mobile Processor, Project SHIELD, and the Grid cloud graphics.

Still, for those that want to see NVIDIA's Ceo Jen-Hsun Huang in the flesh, the whole conference has been recorded and published online.

We've embedded it below for your convenience. Watch it to see how far the GPU has come, ever since NVIDIA first introduced the concept in 1999.

The next few months should be filled with tablet, laptop, server and video board announcements on the part of NVIDIA's OEMs, PC makers (HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, etc.) and NVIDIA Itself.

Given AMD’s own recent product launches, this should all lead to a new exciting episode in the AMD-NVIDIA rivalry.

Watch live video from nvidiaofficial on TwitchTV

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