CES 2013: This Cool iPad Stylus Doubles as a Ball Pen

“…born from a desire to integrate the pen with a digital stylus”

Accessory maker LUNATIK is at CES showing off a range of protective iPhone cases, as well as a cool stylus for iPhone and iPad that doubles as a regular pen.

Apple’s iDevices require touch input to respond to commands and you can’t use iOS apps wearing a glove, for example.

However, iPhones and iPads don’t only respond to skin touch. You can design a special stylus that tricks the iDevice into thinking you’re touching the screen with your finger.

And that’s what LUNATIK did with their awesome Touch Pen. Its precision enables artists to draw better using one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of artistic apps on iTunes.

When the time comes to actually jot something down on a piece of paper, a simple button press at the top of the stylus pops out a ball pen. LUNATIK says, “the Touch Pen was born from a desire to integrate the pen with a digital stylus.”

The “polymer” version is available in a flurry of colors “allowing you to express yourself with more than ink and pixels.” You can get the Touch Pen in metal too.

Apple never envisioned the iPad as a stylus tablet but that hasn’t stopped accessory manufacturers from trying to fill up this void for some creatives.

For example, simplistic drawing apps do a great job at turning ideas into awesome smudgy paintings, but when the artist needs precision, a drawing tool will always come in handy.

Numerous iPad apps now actually offer stylus support. Artists can go out and buy the Touch Pen without fear that it might require drivers or a complicated setup.

Since it replicates finger touch, LUNATIK’s stylus seems to be one of the best solutions of its kind.

Visit the company here for more information on their offerings.


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