CES 2013: Soul Launches Headphones for Runners

The earphones were developed according to the opinions of Olympic athlete Usain Bolt

Few things help promote a product like a celebrity's endorsement, and while an Olympic champion isn't as well-known as pop stars and actors, they are quite a force on their own, as SOUL Electronics knows all too well.

By now, readers would have already figured out what this piece of news is going to be about: a new set of earphones.

SOUL Electronics called upon the opinion of Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt. Since he runs a lot, it was expected that he would know what a pair of earphones should offer.

In the end, the Run-Free earphones took an ear-hook design that makes it more or less impossible for the ear plugs to slip out, no matter how much they are jostled.

Nevertheless, it is possible to remove the ear hooks when going for a lighter jog.

Spec-wise, the Run-Free earphones have a straight wire cable with in-line remote. It allows complete control over smartphone playback functions.

SOUL also took care to make the ear pieces sweat-resistant, otherwise the sustained running effort would result in device malfunctions or even failure.

"Bolt was our inspiration for the Run-Free headphones. The 'fastest man on earth' needs headphones that are lightweight, yet durable and sweat resistant, with excellent sound quality. Runners sweat from either their body or their head. In Bolt's case- he sweats from the head. So, we developed a headphone that would be sweat resistant and never short out," says Lan Kennedy-Davis, CEO of SOUL Electronics USA.

"The Run-Free definitely gives the athlete the freedom and confidence to stay active without worrying about ruining their headphones."

SOUL Electronics' Run-Free earphones are selling in black and green for the price of $199.95 / 152.60-199.95 Euro. Buyers may as well start putting together their playlists, although they probably have them all set up if they own a smartphone.

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