CES 2013: Snooki Launches Fashionable Line of Audio Gear – Video

Reality star is moving up, hits Las Vegas to intro new line

Snooki is not all about fashion, she can also do technology if she wants. The pint-sized reality star, who is now virtually moving up in the world at the speed of light, is further expanding the Snooks brand with a new line of glitzy audio gear.

“Glitzy” being key word here.

Snooki took Las Vegas by storm just hours ago but, unlike her days on Jersey Shore, it wasn’t to booze it up but to launch her new line.

Check out a presentation of it in the video above.

“I have always been into music and technology, but I feel like nothing is fashion accessible and nothing is cute,” she tells ABC News.

So, she came up with headphones that double as earrings or headbands, shoe-shaped regular phones and is now working on iPhone and iPad covers. All of them have that Snooki touch, which translates into lots of feathers, animal prints and rhinestones.

Snooki’s new line will be out this year at prices ranging from $24.99 (€19.07) to $59.99 (€45.78).

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