CES 2013: Samsung's OLED, Smart and Large 4K UHDTVs

The company has an extensive collection on display in Las Vegas

The fight over whether or not LG stole its OLED technology is still going on, but Samsung isn't putting its plans on hold because of it, as shown by the abundance of such displays at CES 2013.

Samsung is advertising OLED as the next great display technology. It expects it to eventually be used by all products that have LCDs today.

Right not, at the Consumer Electronics Show, there is more than one OLED panel playing a video in a loop.

The 55-inch KN55F9500 Real OLED TV is the latest model. Rather than a normal TV, it is a Smart TV with a quad-core Cortex A15 ARM processor (1.35 GHz), voice control, media streaming and even 3D.

What's more, Samsung's Multi-View technology allows the TV to show two different sets of content to two viewers at the same time (provided they wear glasses).

The same thing cannot be said for the audio aspect, since there isn't, yet, a technology that makes listeners hear something different.

At any rate, OLED isn't the only technology that Samsung is promoting.

The IT player has also prepared a UHDTV (4K-resolution panel, 3840 x 2160 pixels). It is called Ultra HD UN85S9000 and measures 85 inches.

It boasts 3.2-channels of 120W sound and all the Smart TV capabilities users can think of, and then some.

2D to 3D conversion exists, for example, as does HD to UHD conversion, video streaming, apps, voice control, motion control, etc.

Everything is handled by the very same processor that lies at the heart of the aforementioned KN55F9500 Real OLED TV.

Last but not least, the 85-inch TV has an easel-style mount and supports the Smart Evolution Kit, which permits extra features to be added over time.

No pricing or availability details have been disclosed for the 55-inch OLED Smart TV and the 85-inch UHDTV, unfortunately.

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