CES 2013: Samsung Intros a Curved OLED TV

No details are known, but pictures are worth more than words anyway

Samsung's CES 2013 product collection is extensive, featuring normal TVs, OLED, Smart and Large 4K UHDTVs, touch-enabled refrigerators and, now, curved OLED TVs.

The reason the curved OLED TV wasn't included with the other OLED HDTVs was the fact that it is easy to mistake for a normal TV, from afar at least.

Nevertheless, the TV has a curved screen. It provides more viewing angles to watchers, while the image appears just as it would when looking straight at the panel from the front.

The effect isn't perfect but, then again, nothing actually is in this physical layer of reality that we inhabit.

Sadly, Samsung did not provide any specifications, availability or pricing information. We assume this is a Full HD panel like most others (1920 x 1080 pixels).

At least there are some photos of it.


Samsung Curved OLED TV (3 Images)

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