CES 2013: Pluck the Strings of This MIDI Guitar and Stream the Music over Wi-Fi

JamStik was created by a company called Zivix and shown off in Las Vegas

Though 4K TVs dominated CES 2013, there were plenty of other things for visitors to feast their eyes upon and, in this, case, to fool around with.

Being a Consumer Electronics Show, there weren't many boundaries for what was acceptable.

Thus, Zivix felt completely at ease with the JamStik, a MIDI guitar that can play music, wirelessly, on a PC or iOS device running CoreMIDI-compatible apps like GarageBand and Animoog.

The Wi-Fi connection has a latency of under 10ms.

JamStik should be an interesting companion when playing games JamHero (the cousin of Guitar Hero and Rock Band).

A few sessions with the JamTuro guitar guide might be needed first though.

Zivix made it possible to pluck the stings and bend them. Infrared lights and sensors located below said strings interpret the movements into music.

Zivix will start shipping the JamStik MIDI Guitar this summer, for $249 / 249 Euro - $299 / 249 Euro.

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