CES 2013: NZXT Releases Mighty 80Plus Gold Power Supplies

The HALE90 V2 line is made of full-modular PSUs and goes from 850W to 1200W

As it happens at the start of every new year, loads of new PCs and PC components are coming out. Since all new PCs need a good PSU, NZXT has put together a collection of such products.

The HALE90 V2 is everything that users belonging to the high-end market could ever want.

Granted, they do not have 80Plus Platinum efficiency rating, nor do they reach the highest wattage ranges (like 1600W).

Nevertheless, they come in 850W, 100W and 1200W and, thanks to the 80Plus Gold rating, easily fit in the high-end segment.

NZXT chose to employ DC-DC switching, a 5VSB range good for USB charging, a 135mm fan, and a single 12V rail topology.

The 1200W PSU even has enough PCI Express cables for quad-SLI/CrossFireX support.

NZXT will soon start shipping the full-modular HALE90 V2 PSUs, if it hasn't already, for between $190 and $270. That means 144-190 to 205-270 Euro.

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