CES 2013: Mushkin Reveals PCI Express Enterprise SSDs

The company is making a repeat performance, more or less

Mushkin has multiple NAND Flash storage devices on display at CES, but we haven't looked at the Scorpion PCI Express SSDs, so we will do that now.

Just like the new USB 3.0 flash drives, the Scorpion SSDs use the SandForce SF-2281 controller.

These aren't the first Scorpion SSDs to see the light of day. Mushkin actually did this sort of release before, back at CES 2012.

The drives are better than before though, with PCI Express 2.0 x8 host interface bandwidth, versus x4.

They also have capacitors that keep running for a few seconds after power has been cut, thus eliminating, or at least reducing, the possibility of data being lost in case of unexpected power failure.

No capacity or speed details have been provided. " target="_blank">Mushkin may very well decide those details according to interest on the part of server and data center builders.


Mushkin Scorpion PCI Express SSD (3 Images)

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